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Touch Typing Lessons 

We offer 1:1 Touch typing at your home or our centre. Contact us for details of availability and prices. 

Touch Typing and Literacy Club.

Multisensory Dyslexia Support with Touch Typing £22 per session

Children are taught in small groups of 3. All lessons last 70 minutes, as this allows the children to have a break during the session, which research suggests improves learning and retention.


Each 70 minute session includes:
30 minutes spelling and reading support


This part of the lesson will focus on developing your son or daughter's skills in the following areas:

• Reading
• Spelling
• Phonics and phonological awareness
• Handwriting
• Memory


Children follow an individualised multi-sensory programme prepared weekly by the Centre Coordinator and delivered by a Specialist Teaching Assistant. Games and activities are included to make the session fun and interactive.
30 minutes Touch Typing

This part of the lesson will focus on improving your son or daughter's spelling and reading skills while teaching the basics of touch typing using the Nessy Fingers Touch Typing Programme.


Once the children have completed the programme they move onto another programme suited to their needs.

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