DITTAS Limited, Dyslexia Services Learning Centre
DITTAS Limited, Dyslexia Services Learning Centre

Literacy Support Programme 

A Specialist Teaching Assistant delivers a structured multisensory programme under the supervision of the centre Coordinator, a Level 7 AMBDA qualified teacher. The child is assessed by the AMBDA teacher who writes a weekly detailed programme for the assistant to follow.

Fee: £29.50  per session plus a small set up fee.              

Skype Tuition 

Skype tuition available to students who are unable to attend the centre due to time commitments or those who may be living abroad or in remote parts of the UK. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your needs.Tuition is currently only available with Sarah Beard but we hope to expand this shortly. 


Fee: £45-£65 per hour  

(depending on age of learner and complexity of tuition)

Dyscalculia Tuition 

Students with dyscalculia need structured, multi-sensory maths tuition which focuses not only on the numerical problem but on helping to reduce the immense anxiety often associated with dyscalculia.

Only through structured tuition with lots of over learning and the development of self-confidence can the problems begin to be addressed.

Our tutors use a variety of concrete materials to develop the numerosity of the individual. In addition, it is recommended that children reinforce the skills taught at home through the use of a Dyscalculic Specific Numeracy Programme www.dynamaths.co.uk 


For more information on Dyscalculia please click here 

Fee £60 per session 

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