DITTAS Limited, Dyslexia Services Learning Centre
DITTAS Limited, Dyslexia Services Learning Centre

Dyslexia Specialist Tuition with a Dyslexia Specialist Teacher 

All tutors are qualified Dyslexia Specialists who either hold the OCR Level 5 or Level 7 Diploma in Teaching Pupils with Specific Learning Difficulties (Dyslexia). 

We offer tuition on a Monday in Orpington and Tuesday at Keston Village Hall where we have a number of tutors.


In addition, Julie also offers early morning, evening and weekend tuition at her home in Petts Wood alternatively Sarah has before school slots in Orpington.


During the first two sessions, the tutor will informally assess your child so that she can build an individualised Dyslexia programme. The findings will be looked at in a holistic manner by considering all aspects of the assessment alongside the learner's strengths, weaknesses, self-esteem, interests, motivation and learning preferences.  


Although each learner's programme will be different there are some common features in all Dyslexia Programmes as follows:


  • All programmes will be structured, cumulative and multi-sensory. Lessons will incorporate a range of activities including IT and games to provide over learning.
  • In the majority of cases a phonic programme will be followed such as Alpha to Omega.
  • Underpinning cognitive weaknesses such as phonological awareness, memory, visual processing problems and speed of processing issues will be addressed within the programme, dependent on the individual profile of your child.
  • Metacognition will form an important part of the programme and will help learners to develop their own strategies and approaches.
  • Handwriting, touch typing and numeracy can be
    incorporated, if required 
  • Study skills will form an integral part of most of the programmes for older learners.
  • Homework is recommended but is optional.
  • Fee: from £42 for 60 minutes 

    Other durations available on request 

Literacy Success Programme: Dyslexia Specialist Tuition with a Teaching Assistant 

This programme is written by the Centre Director, Sarah Beard, who is a highly experienced Dyslexia Specialist but delivered by Teaching Assistant with Dyslexia Training. This is a structured 1:1 multi- sensory dyslexia programme offering excellent value for money. 


Before the student starts they are assessed by Sarah Beard who plans and writes the programme which is individualised for them and reviewed every 6 weeks. Sarah regular observes teaching and is available for parent consultations.  

Lessons could include: 

  • Reading development both single word and comprehension 
  • Irregular/ sight word spelling 
  • Phonics 
  • Memory Strategies 
  • Phonological Awareness 
  • Touch Typing ( if required )

Fee: £29.50 for 55 minutes 

Sessions available in Orpington on a Monday 3.45pm-7.pm and Keston Village Hall on a Tuesday 3.45-7pm 




Block Tuition with Sarah Beard, Dyslexia Consultant and Centre Founder

Sarah Beard founder of Dyslexia Services is the most senior member of the team with over twenty years experience of tutoring children and adults and training others to do the same. Due to her varied timetable and other training and lecturing commitment, she is unable to offer regular weekly tuition but can offer a block of six sessions which can be delivered over 3 -12 weeks. This will suit students who need to address a specific literacy weakness or require some support with study skills, self-esteem, social skills, life skills or a particular numeracy topic. Sessions can be delivered at her home office in Orpington or through Skype.


Fee £360 for 6 sessions  

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