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DITTAS Limited, Dyslexia Services Learning Centre

Level 3 Supporting The Dyslexic Learner at Home and School.

Accredited by OCN Credit4Learning. 

Dittas Limited are pleased to announce that they are now offering The OCN (Open College Network) Level 3 Certificate in Supporting the Dyslexic Learner at Home and School as a distance learning version and an attendance course. 


This has been developed to enable candidates to develop their knowledge and understanding of Dyslexia and to develop their skills support learners with Dyslexia and related Specific Learning Difficulties both within the classroom and at home. It is ideal for both educational professionals and parents wishing to support a child with Dyslexia. 

Watch our you Tube Clip, below for a detailed overview of the course.

Course Content 

Unit 1: Identifying Learners with Dyslexia

Unit 2:  Supporting the Dyslexic Learner in Literacy

Unit 3:  Supporting the Dyslexic Learner in Numeracy



Level 3 assignments will consist of a mixture of tasks including: essay; self produced resources; information sheets; presentation with notes; evaluated  lists; questionnaires, demonstration; learning journal. Differentiation and reasonable adjustments will be made for any candidate disclosing a Disability or Learning Difficulty.

If the course is being taken without accreditation candidates will not be expected to complete assignments.


Learning Outcomes 

The candidate will be able to: 

  • Understand the three main theories of causation.
  • Understand the cognitive weaknesses that are part of the dyslexic profile.
  • Understands what visual stress is and how to help it.
  • Understand the term Phonological Awareness and its importance in learning to read and spell.
  • Know ways to support students with fine motor control difficulties. 
  • Know ways that the classroom teacher can support students with cognitive processing weaknesses.
  • Understand the difficulties associated with a dyslexic profile.
  • Describe appropriate referral routes for learners showing dyslexic tendencies
  • Understand the difficulties experienced by  learners with dyslexia and dyscalculia.
  • Know about methods used to teach  numeracy to dyslexic learners.
  • Demonstrate methods used to teach times tables.
  • Make resources to support a dyslexic learner.
  • Know ways to support a learner with maths difficulties in the mainstream classroom.
  • Recognise how to support mathematical development with appropriate resources.
  • Understand the different methods used to teach phonics to dyslexic learners.

Understand a range of phonic terms. 



Keston Attendance Course

The next evening class in due to run in late 2015. Please contact us for details.

OCN L3 Application Form
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Distance Learning: £420 -  


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