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Full Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment 

We offer a range of assessments which are detailed on the page below.  Watch our video which explains the full assessment process.

Full Diagnostic Assessment with Visual Stress Screening from £440


A Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessment for either children or adults consists of a full range of tests to assess underlying ability, attainment in spelling, writing, reading and numeracy and a range of underpinning tests to assess working memory,speed of processing and phonological awareness.


The assessment takes around three hours and can be administered over either one or two sessions. Before the assessment the parent or client is invited to meet the assessor and a case history is taken by phone or at an initial interview. Following the assessment a full, detailed report is written and a feedback session arranged.

The fee is charged in three parts: a £75 deposit paid two weeks before the assessment, £210 when the assessment is completed and a further £155 is charged when the report is written. If dyslexia is not diagnosed or a report is not required the client has the option to decline the report and no further fee is due.

The assessment can be conducted at our offices in Orpington, Croydon, SE13 or occasionally at the client's home. Assessments conducted at a client's home incur an additional fee, depending on location. 


Prices are based on which Assessor is used and the age of client. Please call or email Sarah Beard for details and prices.


Dyscalculia Testing 

Specialist Dyscalculia and Numeracy Tuition
A dyscalculia Assessment consists of a range of cognitive tests and maths tests alongside the use of the Dyscalculia Screener. It takes around 2.5 to 3 hours. 

Fee £475 full assessment and summary report 


The Dyscalculia Screener is a computerised programme designed for 6-14 year old pupils. It consists of a number of subtests designed to identify dyscalculia and poor arithmetic. The programme takes approximately an hour to complete and an individualised report is produced

 Screener only £55

Access Arrangements Update Testing 

Access Arrangements Testing £175

This assessment is for children or adults who have been diagnosed with a Specific Learning Difficulty or who have previously received Access Arrangements in either National Curriculum Tests or GSCE, GNVQ or GCE examinations. The assessments tests reading accuracy, speed and comprehension; spelling, written fluency and accuracy; memory and speed of processing. Additional tests are sometimes included.

Dyslexia Screening 

Shorter Dyslexia Assessement £150

The Dyslexia Portfolio comprises eight short tests for use with pupils in the 6-16 age-range. Underlying ability is also assessed through the Wide Range Achievement Test or British Picture Vocabulary Scales.

Test Description

  • Single Word Reading: A version of GL Assessment's Single Word Reading Test.
  • Single Word Spelling: Adapted from Single Word Spelling Test with words on a common scale for selection by the teacher at each student's level.
  • Reading Fluency: A silent reading exercise where the student is asked to answer 'yes' or 'no' to a series of statements (a timed test).
  • Phoneme Deletion: Students are required to analyse how a word will sound without the initial, middle or final phoneme and say it aloud.
  • Non-word Reading: A test that assesses the decoding of letter strings. Students read nonsense words from print.
  • Rapid Picture Naming: Students are presented with a series of pictures of everyday objects and asked to name them (a timed test).
  • Rate of Writing: Students are asked to copy from printed text and complete a free writing task from a given prompt (a timed test).
  • Digit Span: Students are required to repeat either backwards or forwards a string of digits that are given by the teacher.

The results of the tests are entered into an online report generator.  

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